Affiliate terms

Reading the terms of use on disclosure pages

Before clicking in acceptance any terms, it is important that one thoroughly reads through every detail, understands the details then accepts. The websites are strict in their terms of service. The users must duly read and accept the terms before deciding on using the sites in questions. More so, the sites solely promote responsible gaming. The strictness in adherence to given terms of disclosure is crucial in the success of these affiliate disclosure pages. Moreover, continued visiting and usage of the website means that one has accepted the prevailing terms. The terms protect the sites from abuses; lets them own their content, and gives room for termination clause in case the site feels the user has breached some terms. Some users may spam fellow users or even post content that is defamatory, or attempt to infect the entire site with some kind of malware.

Gambling age limit

The disclosure pages limit the gamblers based on their age. No underage individuals are allowed to participate in the gaming. The minimum age allowed is 18 years, so people below 18 years are not allowed to participate in these gambling activities. These ones auger well with the global gaming terms of service, therefore, the website is compliant to the age factor. The websites have a stand on age limit but still confirms that they do not intentionally let underage users to click the affiliate links. The disclaimer on age is always very clear and conspicuous. Nobody can have a reason for failing to see it. The disclaimer applies fully and has a great effect on how the website is used. Only users who accept all the conditions and terms of use will use the site. By accepting the terms one warrants that they are not less than 18 years of age.